I’m Dreaming of A Tropical Holiday

While I was whiling away the hours ocean-side in a tropical paradise called St. John this past weekend

Tropical Paradise

I was only too aware that upon our return to Boston, we would be in for some dramatically different weather. The virgin white sands

Tropical Beach on Country Design Home

would be replaced by drifting white snow (although today is it 60 degrees, so there’s that!)

Holiday Snow Covered Street

and the tropical green palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze Holiday Palm Trees

would be replaced with tall evergreens bedecked in Christmas finery.

Holiday Christmas Tree

Other than a few evergreen-swagged railingsHoliday Swag Railing

and balconies (which looked oddly out of place in this land of pastel blues…)

Holiday swag

or a lighted palm tree (although I suspect this was a year-round part of the decor)

Holiday Palm Lit

and an occasional surfing santa Holiday Surfin' Santathere wasn’t much in the way of holiday decor. So while I was hanging around the pool in between all of the wedding festivites, I found a few online suggestions for decorating your sea-side villa for the holidays. A simple seashell ornament could be the start of a dramatic tree design using blues and golds Holiday Seashell Ornament Or you could do an entire tree in seashells and starfish for dramatic tropical effect

Holiday Interior Yellow

Some colorful twinkling lights and baubles on your palm trees or Holiday Free Christmas Wallpapers.net

multi-colored lights reflecting on the water make a dazzling display that will surely attract Santa’s attention!

Holiday Outdoor display

Or you could go full-on tropical holiday with starfish trees- so pretty!! Holiday Starfish Tree on DIYnetwork

One final tree image today…one of the most ridiculously scrumptious desserts I have ever tasted! Deep-fried Key Lime Pie. I know, right?!?

Deep Fried Key Lime Pie on Country Design Home

Take a big slice of pie, wrap it in what appears to be jelly donut dough, deep fry it and then dust it with sugar and cinammon. Add the fruity red and green drizzle for a holiday effect. AMAZING. And with that, I need to unpack (both my suitcases and the Christmas decorations-yikes!) Have a sunny Monday, no matter where you are! Susan


  1. I want to go to St. John’s too! I really need a hot beach vacation!!


  2. I love the seashell tree decoration. Beautiful!


  3. It was very hard to adjust to the warm weather holidays when I first moved to SD but I have leared to adjust! I get my snow expereince in from traveling-last week to Montana and Idaho! Xi


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