Rejuvenating Your Space

It’s Friday again?!? This week’s High Five for Friday goes to a vintage lighting company called Rejuvenation. LOVE. I mean like heart palpatation love. Their motto? “History Is Our Designer”. This Portland, Oregon company creates hand-crafted vintage-inspired lighting. If you are redecorating and redesigning your older home or building a new “old” home, the pieces they offer are simply stunning and can be custom-designed just for your space!

Upon receiving their gorgeous glossy catalog in the mail, I immediately fell in love with this glamorous cover girl: Meteor.

Perfect for a mid-century modern space, inspired by out of this world styles of the 50’s and 60’s (anyone reading this remember Sputnik?).

Thumbing through page after page of styles and spaces, I could envision many of these fixtures in my country-style home. This McCoy pendant is simple and elegant.

And this “Hood” pendant can be customized with your choice of metals, globes and bulbs to give your space your own personal style.

Industrial chic is all the rage right now, and all of the items in this picture are offered,

including the salvage table and the wire chairs. This Bar Cart was fashioned from a salvaged metal aircraft mechanics tool chest- amazing!

So after looking through the catalog, I did a little online research and discovered that Rejuvenation was founded by Jim Kelly in 1977 with a few bucks and an idea to open a salvage restoration shop. In 2011, the company was sold to mega-company Williams Sonoma (you know, Pottery Barn, West Elm, etal). The plan is to keep the Rejuvenation brand intact, meaning that you will still be purchasing custom, hand-crafted lighting but have the benefit of the Williams Sonoma access and customer service. Brilliant! Literally.

Have an enlightened Friday everyone! Susan

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