Southern Hospitality

Sorry I have missed a few posts this past week! Over the weekend, Coach and I joined many of our closest friends at a destination wedding in Charlotte, North Carolina. What a whirlwind weekend, packed full of partying and fun, as we were treated to not only a spectacular wedding, but also a lovely rehearsal dinner, hosted by the parents of the groom. I have so many photos! Too many for one post, so today I will share the rehearsal dinner, which took place in the Charlotte Trolley Museum.

Upon entering, we were greeted by an authentic antique yellow trolley

a throwback to an era when streetcars were the people movers through the Queen City named after Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

featuring aged leather seats, wooden flooring…

and a vintage conductor’s cap and coat hanging at the ready. “All aboard!”

The decor was autumn- themed, featuring these gorgeous centerpieces

glass vessels filled with flowers, berries and leaves, adding touches of brilliant fall colors.

The dinner? Southern fried chicken, BBQ pork, hush puppies and amazing mac and cheese- all scrumptious southern comfort food. For dessert, luscious pecan bars and these adorable sunflower cupcakes with an M&M ladybug- so cute!

As favors for the guests, these little surprise packages filled with a favorite treat of the bride’s: gummy bears : ) This dinner was such an unexpected treat, oozing that southern hospitality we northerners hear so much about! If this was any indication of the wedding bash to come, we were certainly in for another fab evening! But for that, you’all will have to come back tomorrow : ) Have a great Monday! Susan


  1. kellybernierdesigns says:

    I love the centerpieces! It looks and sounds like you had a great weekend. Wish me luck, my daughter Meg’s wedding is this coming weekend! Can’t believe it is almost here.


    • Oh, good luck Kelly! I am sure it has been months in the planning, and it all comes down to one day’s event that will be over in the blink of an eye! With your beautiful style, I am sure it will be amazing! Enjoy every moment : )


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