Gray Day In Boston

As we sit and wait for the onslaught of the “terrifying megastorm” that is Hurricane Sandy, I can’t help but notice how gray the skies have been for the past day or so. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, gray is “lacking cheer in mood, outlook, brightness, style or color.” But I beg to differ. Gray has so many hues, and since it is a neutral, can be paired with just about any accent color. How many shades of gray can you see in this photo taken in Alaska?

These soft, neutral color pallettes occur naturally on our planet and many talented stylists and designers reflect this look in their spaces, like this bedroom from Architectural Digest,

Or this amazing bath

In this interior by Marco Dellatorre, grays and pinks with a touch of green create a dramatic dining space…

While in my photo, Crystal Lake also has hues of grays and pinks with a touch of green.

And in this photo, pinks and reds pop against a gray pallette.

The changing light in the gathering clouds over Stockholm, Sweden alters the seas from blue to dark gray…The light from the windows will change the gray hues of this space from morning to night

Grays and blue of the irish countryside

Gray with blue hues from Elle Decor

Pastel grays- these are clouds outside my plane window in Hawaii

This room has that same feel with a cloud-like effect on the sofa wall that reflects the light.

You can see how the black lamp posts contrast with the gray blue skies of Paris…

As do these black sconces and frames from

Of course, gray is also the color of stormy skies, so if you are in Sandy’s path, stock up, settle in and be safe everyone! Susan

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