Heard It Through The Grapevine

With fall here and my decor most definitely taking a rustic turn, I thought I should make a new grapevine wreath to replace the old pre-fab one I bought a few year’s back at my local craft store.  That’s right, make a new one. Because, as most people do, I have a grapevine arbor in my back yard. I know, I mean, seriously?!

Years ago we disovered the vines down behind the barn, and one summer coach decided to build an arbor to keep the grapevine off the barn. We don’t typically have grapes on the vines, which is unfortunate, since I do like a nice glass of chardonnay…

This is the perfect weather to gather up a bunch and wind them into the shape and size I would like. This is the basic how-to: You can use a pre-shaped form, but I prefer a freestyle, more natural appearance. Start by cutting a whole bunch of grapevine. Snip or pop off all the leaves, leaving the curly tendrils (the look nice and they are functional too!)

Using a thick, long vine, create a circle approximately the size that you would like the finished wreath to be.

Begin adding more vines, winding as you go, using the curly tendrils to hook each layer on the next.

Keep adding and winding until you have the size and shape you like.

The nice thing about decorating grapevine wreaths is that you can pretty much just tuck in the ends of the garland or leaves without glueing.

Adding some pumpkins and berries with my trusty glue gun keeps them secure.

I have never been adept at making bows. One of my big craft fails

But I sought a little help from my good friends at Pinterest and voila! A really cute bow!  I attached that and my  little chalkboard welcome sign with some jute, which also serves as the hanger.

Welcome Home! I hope you fall for grapevine wreaths too! (and if you need any grapevine, I happen to know an arbor you can visit- just bring the wine)  Susan


  1. […] more you cut it, the higher and wider and stronger it grows, which is great for making grapevine wreaths! […]


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