That’s A Wrap!

Do you ever have an image in your head of a specific product, and you can’t find anything like it in a store? No? Well I do. Drives me nuts. Don’t know why I just can’t be like everyone else and do things the easy way!  In preparing to wrap a gift for a bridal shower today, I knew I wanted to go with an old-fashioned look for the package. I tried to find wrapping paper that would fit the bill, but nothing even came close to the look I was going for. Since I couldn’t find the right paper, with little time to spare, I decided to create my own.  Quick, cheap and easy. (I’m sure there is a joke in there somewhere…) Grabbed a roll of kraft paper (made from 100% recycled materials-yay!) 


a pre-cut stencil

and some brown acrylic paint.

Rolled out and cut the right amount of paper to cover the gift. Placing the stencil in a repeat pattern all over the paper, I applied the paint with a piece of sponge, with a light touch because I wanted a more faded, aged look.

Once complete, I allowed it to dry- almost instantly- then wrapped the package. For the ribbon I used some jute.

And created the bow with a touch of blue hemp, because the bride-to-be really likes that color combo.

For the tag, I made a little chalkboard sign that she can re-use. (Instructions to follow soon…)

Finished! A gift with my own personal stamp. (Sorry, not a great pic, but you get the idea, right?)

This was a weekend jam-packed with family and friends and loads of fun, with a wedding and a wedding shower on the calendar. Whew! Hope you had a fun weekend too! Monday, Monday… Susan 


  1. Love!


  2. Love it – I love the look of the finished package- you did great!!!


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