Brick by Brick

 Coach and I have been discussing a heat source for the barn, as, unlike Bob Cratchit, I will not be able to sew and craft out there wearing old, tattered gloves and a scarf! Since a fireplace seems out of the question, we thought perhaps a wood or coal stove might work to heat the space? But we do love the look of old brick in a fireplace surround. In searching for our barn workshop brick inspirations, I have come across many photos of interior brick walls, including bedrooms (I am not sure if we can fit sleeping quarters in the loft, but we do have this chandelier!!

…even floors! What a beautiful entry to greet your guests…

Some brick walls are painted to enhance the space

some are antiqued (OK, I am not sure who could sleep in this space- is that an ostrich!!??!), but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?)

some just left in their natural state to show off their beautiful colors Brick can add country style to an otherwise modern industrial space

It is hard, but can add softness,  especially antique brick in hues of pinks and soft terra cotta Now this is the perfect brick wall from design sponge. Soft and natural, the brick acts as the perfect backdrop for the black and white photos.

Being a lover of color, especially red, I have to admit I do love this wall, but I think it might be a bit much for an interior, even for a barn!

I think we have enough books already, but these are very cool.

To see more of my brick inspirations, check out my Pinterest page.

Always remember to follow your own yellow brick road- wherever that path may lead you! Susan

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