Come Sail Away…

…come sail away, come sail away with me. (Styx)  Exciting news!! For our anniversary, Coach presented me with a gift certificate from Community Boating Boston for sailing lessons!! Not really a surprise, since I had suggested that perhaps if someone needed to get me a gift for something…the surprise was that Coach is going to take them with me! He said, and I quote “I am not going to be on a sailboat with you if you are the only one who knows what’s going on”. hmmm. Now, If you are a devoted follower of my blog (which I hope you are : ), you are saying, “but, wait a minute, you have brand new kayaks!!” And you remember that recently we launched them-after a year in dry dock!- into Lake Quannapowitt. Other than Bartlet the dog taking a dunk in the drink, it was clear sailing, until I hit the deck in the driveway while unloading! But it was a pain in the butt loading the boats on the CRV roof, unloading them, kayaking, drying them off, loading them back on and then back off again to return to dry dock-phew!

So I thought, since we have a cute little yacht club right here in Wakefield, why not join?!? We could keep the kayaks there, take them for a paddle around the lake, and return them to their moor at the end of the day, have a cool one on the dock overlooking the lake before heading home.

So we took a visit to the Quannapowitt Yacht Club , the oldest inland boat club in America, founded in 1884. They even have regattas!! But alas, we discovered that they only accept sailboaters as members. Kayakers not welcome. But the clubhouse was kind of cute in a formica, 70’s kind of way, with a killer dock that stretches all the way around and has an unobstructed view of the lake in all its glory. The woman thought it was a little strange when I asked if we could join without having any sailboats. OK, so on to plan B. Not a big fan of those kayaks anyway, so let’s trade them for a nice little sailboat.

I had dreams of peacefully drifting along on a warm, sunny day

wind in my sails

glass of wine in hand as the day turned to evening

a totally peaceful way to spend a lazy summer afternoon.  And then if I got good enough, we could enter a race or two!

Perhaps I am destined for the Americas Cup? 

I could set the new world’s record for the oldest person to sail solo around the world! The youngest record is already held by Jessica Watson-way to go, Jessica!!

Tempting, but circling the earth,which is 70% water, would take awhile.  And I don’t think they have WiFi on the open ocean, so I may pass on that.  And there is always the fear of this…

In which case, I better look good when the rescuers come to pluck me out of the water. Soooo, I could get a very fashionable yellow slicker. I do watch Deadliest Catch, and they all wear them! But this one is super cute and functional too! And some really nice nautical shoes.

Perhaps a sailor outfit?  

This one’s not very practical for the open seas. Ahoy, matey!!

Love the brass buttons!  

This entire nautical theme from Project Lena Blog is awesome too! 

I am not sure, but I don’t think I could wear a PFD (personal flotation device) over this dress and be comfortable enough to be moving fore and aft (those are nautical terms, for the non-sailors among you)

OK, enough dreaming. Time to fill out my Adult Program Membership Application for Community Boating Boston! Anyone wanna buy some kayaks, cheap?!?  Hope you sail peacefully through your day… Susan

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