Shut the Front Door!

Over the past 20+ years, I have had the great good fortune to spend “mother’s weekends” with some of my dearest friends. Shopping, sipping martinis and just catching our collective breath from the stresses of daily life, these weekends are a way to relax and reconnect with some of the women in my life whose friendships I treasure deeply.  We have hit the beaches on Cape Cod & Martha’s Vineyard ridden horseback in New Hampshire, Relayed for Life in Washington DC,

and shopped to our hearts content in FloridaA few years ago, as a special Mother’s Day adventure, we jetted across the pond for a long weekend in Dublin, Ireland. We spent our days walking, talking and

enjoying the beautiful scenery that is uniquely Ireland. Colorful gardens

lush greeneryand ancient architecture at every turn. Strolling the streets and neighborhoods of Dublin, you can’t help but notice all of the colorful, welcoming front doors. Although the stone and brick exteriors are similar, the front doors make each home unique and so inviting! Bought this poster, hoping to be inspired with my own front door! So, that hasn’t happened…But, as I was making a trip to Home Depot the other day (you didn’t think the plate rack project was going to go smoothly, did you?) I came upon this inspired house with the beautiful pink front door! Doesn’t this just say “Welcome to our home-come on in and have a cuppa tea?!” Unusual in this part of the country-New Englanders tend to be a bit more staid and safe with color. What I have noticed is that most homes are still under “winter wraps”, just waiting for the springs blossoms to start primping their homes.  But, I took a drive around town and found some pretty inspired entry ways! Some homes are old, like this yellow victorian, some are bold some are newly renovated some just say “welcome home”. So I was merrily making my way around town, hopping in and out of the car, snapping shots along the way, until I noticed a police cruiser passing around the corner, and then the next corner, and then the next. I didn’t get stopped, but clearly someone dropped a dime, thinking that a middle-aged blogger in a Honda CRV could be casing the joints. I guess I will stick to Google images from now on.

Happy Primping! Susan

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