I’ve Got a Little Crush

I’ve got a little crush on the color orange. Since childhood, Orange Crush has always been a favorite beverage. Orange makes me think of summer treats, sunsets on the Vineyard

and rustic European architectureI recently received a Crate and Barrel email featuring orange as a “secret garden oasis” color (and who does seasonal pops of color better than Crate and Barrel?!)

Orange can be funky and fun

Or dramatic and sexy

Loving the look of Pantone’s 2012 Color of the year:

Tangerine Tango

and Benjamin Moore’s Fiery Sunset

For a trip down memory lane, remember those original Howard Johnsons? Orange rooftops and aqua signs dotting the landscape. Unmistakeable and unforgettable. The perfect color palette for a restaurant! While orange is thought to increase the appetite, blue is a calming color. So sit and relax and have something to eat. Sounds like great marketing to me!

Decorating with orange is daring and certainly makes a statement. Paired with shades of blue, its complement on the color wheel, the results can be bold and dramatic

Soft and welcoming

Or vintage charming    

Used sparingly, orange still makes a statement in any space

Or you can go for it with full-on bold!! Any way you slice it, orange is the “it” color for this spring and summer.  Enjoy!! Susan

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