“Ay, there’s the rug…”

A beautiful rug can be the foundation of any space. Whether a dreamy white shag an heirloom persian passed down through generations or a modern version of an old classic, rugs can set the tone and color scheme of a room and transform a space from dark and dreary to fabulous and fun. There is no easier way to change the feel of a room than adding or changing a rug. The rules are simple, if you love it, use it. An antique oriental goes perfectly in modern decor, and a modern chevron looks perfectly at home in an eclectic, vibrant space.

We recently had the good fortune to purchase 2 new rugs for our home. The first is our new dining room rug, replacing the one that is now in our living room. (see decorating dominoes) Vibrant red and white, classic in style but modern in design, it instantly updated our dining room, creating a focal point that no one can miss!  LOVE!! So imagine my delight when a few weeks after installing this beauty in our dining room, it was featured in an HGTV episode of Color Splash! For those of you who are not familiar with delightfully talented David Bromstad’s design show, color- and loads of it-is his style. A man after my own heart.

In this episode, the makeover inspiration was an old winery. David used two rugs together to define a really large space, with loads of dark, rustic elements.

Even more delighted to discover that I had paid significantly less for my rug on RugsUSA than HGTV listed as the price from their sources. It definitely pays to be a bargain shopper : )

The newest addition to our family room decor is this amazing Zamin rug purchased from Manzel Interiors. This Danvers, Massachusetts store is chock full of hand-made rugs, furniture, architecture and accessories from Persia and India at fantastic prices.

 The description of our rug: “Zamin means earth or land in Persian or Hindi, and Zamin carpets are truly carpets of the earth. They are woven in India in villages in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh. They are thick dense carpets, where all the weight of the carpet is in the heavy, beaten wool pile, much like an old Persian Bidjar. The vegetable dye colours are rich and saturated. The best, longest staple new Zealand wool is used, which is hand spun. Vegetable dye stuff are collected from throughout india and Nepal. Zamin designs favour the more primitive, such as Gabbeh designs, but include contemporary experimental designs classical Persian designs.”

The rug is plush and soft, the colors deep and rich, striated blues and reds. The pattern is simple but tells a story, typical of a primitive village rug. It is now in our family room, the heart of our home. When you wander in through the back door, as all of our friends and family do, this little girl and her Llamas are poised to welcome you! As I continue to share with  you more of my home, I hope that you will feel welcome too! Have a non-scary Friday the 13th… Susan


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