Indigo Blue

The title of today’s style update email from Crate & Barrel was “The Color Report: Spring’s Coolest Shade is the crisp, classic Indigo. This royal ink has all the dark edge of black, but with a depth of color that is infinitely blue.”

Indigo Blue. Serene. Cool. Bold. Mystical. Wisdom. Sophistication. Justice.



Sky.Darkening clouds reflected in the canals of Venice

Freshly picked basket of blackberries

One perfect pair of jeans

The evening horizon in Stockholm, Sweden

My first brand new car-Midnight Metallic Blue Chevy Camaro

View from the Seine in Paris

A poncho to protect you from the elements

Nightime in Zurich, Switzerland

You have to be fearless to decorate with Indigo. Unlimited styles, infinite possibilities. You will make a statement, create a mood, set the stage.

Indigo can be modern

or timeless

or so soft country pretty

Indigo can be many things, but one thing it will never be is forgettable.


  1. Wow!


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