Map It Out

I have made many decorating mistakes over the years, primarily because I didn’t take the time to put together a decorating plan before beginning a new project. Taking existing pieces-adding and editing as you go-can be fun, but frustrating. Many times I have fallen in love with an item and brought it home, only to discover that it really didn’t work in the intended space. Pinterest makes it easy to put together a cohesive plan with a color board that springs from an inspiration piece- in this case, the yellow and gray antique maps.

Ah, the map story. My husband is, in kind words, a pack-rat. He is a collector of all things historical. We have a barn full of books, muskets, harpoons, political campaign buttons, old tools, posters and art. He loves yard sales, and came home one day with an armful-probably 20-of the aformentioned maps that he had purchased for a very reasonable price-intending to sell them for profit. What he didn’t tell me was that he went back later and purchased the remainder of the lot-over 160 maps!!! Two years later, they are still squirreled away in the barn, while he discovers that no one is really interested in his maps. Except me. But he won’t let me use them for decorating. Because someday somebody will want to buy them. Sigh.

via Map It Out.


  1. Um, OK, I confess, I have shelves in my basement full of British Royal memorabillia ( purchased at flea markets) that I too believe someone will want to purchase….I’ll get to it this year, promise!!


  2. Nancy DiLuca says:

    In the words of Bill Clinton, “I feel your pain”.



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