Globes Multi Vector Jungle
Globes by Vector Jungle

Awhile ago, I wrote a blog post entitled “Map It Out”, showcasing ideas to utilize maps in your interior spaces. Now, since every shop I visit and every page I turn in decorating magazines features globes, all kinds and styles of globes, I figured it was time to round out my orbital perspective. In searching the web, I discovered quite a few DIY variations on the plain old circa 1930’s globe,

Globe B & W Corbis Images
Children and Globe by Corbis Images

and hundreds of ways to use them as your decorating inspiration. I love all of the smaller globes inside the table base, with the larger ones scattered outside. Escaped!

Globe Apartment Therapy
Global Vignette by Apartment Therapy

I discovered stand-alone globes that are painted

Globe 1st Dibs
Painted Globe by Rumba via 1st Dibs

and lighted (this one has DIY instructions…)

Globe Lamp DIY Suite 101
Globe Lamp DIY Suite 101

and chalkboarded too!

Globes Chalkboard Design Sponge
Chalkboard Globe Design Sponge

This child’s room becomes a bit more sophisticated using globes on the ornate mantel. Oh, the places you’ll go, little man!

Globes CorynnePless
Child’s Room Globe Mantel by Corynne Pless

I love taking room color inspiration from globes- the colors of the earth are so pretty!

Room by Jenny Mitchell

Button, button, whose got the button? Amazing!! I spotted this on Pinterest and I actually purchased a similar globe at-where else-HomeGoods, to try this button technique. Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Globes Button Art World of Designers
Button Art Globe by World of Designers

This organizing wall becomes a feature with maps and globes as the background.

From House to Cozy Home Blogspot

Take a look at these breathtaking hand-decorated globes by Wendy Gold on ImagineNations on

Globes Wedding Etsy Wendy Gold Globes
Hand Decorated Globe by Wendy Gold

This Flower Power globe would be stunning in any interior!

Globes Flower Power Wendy Gold Etsy
Flower Power Globe by Wendy Gold

Globes, both old and new, are available in all sizes and colors. The muted tones in the space below blend perfectly with the vintage sepia globe tones.

Globe Oz Architects
Family Room by OzArchitects

Whereas, this colorful, eclectic space takes its cue from the multi-colored, more modern globe on the side table.

Globe Slicinteriors
Global Space by Slic Interiors

Just remember, you don’t have to be a world traveler to look like one! Just grab a globe, add some pins and you’re off on a virtual tour! Have a time-travelin’ Tuesday, everyone!

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                           This past weekend, Coach and I took a trip to the south shore on a flea market discovery mission. Gotta add more pins to my map.

Flea Market Map

We visited the Raynham Flea Market and the Cranberry Flea Market in Wareham, stopping at a few tag sales along the way.  So saddle up, you’re in for a ride!

flea saddle up

 First stop, the Raynham Flea Market at 480 South St West in Raynham.

Raynham Flea Flags

This huge market is primarily an indoor flea, with thousands of square feet of space lined with vendors booths, although there are a few “junk”tique sellers,

Raynham Flea Antiques

both indoors and out.

Raynham Flea Outdoor Vendors

If you are looking to furnish your man cave, this is one stop shopping for you! Wayne’s World Records awaits,

Raynham Flea Waynes World Records

as well as the $1 VHS tapes booth,

Raynham Flea VHS Tapes

baseball mementos

Raynham Flea Baseball

beer signs

Raynham Flea Sign

vintage liquor bottles

Raynham Flea Tbird

and even some cool liquor bottle lamps.

Raynham Flea Lamp Bottles

For the ladies, we have vacuum cleaner repairs,

Raynham Flea Vacuum Hoses

faux wooden roses

Raynham Flea Wood Roses

Pretty straw hats

Raynham Flea Hats

beads, lots of beads,

Raynham Flea Beads

and a huge selection of cheap curtains and drapes!

Raynham Flea Curtains

For the spiritual among you, I present this paranormal booth

Raynham Flea Spiritual Cave

and even a few psychic readers. (I wonder if they could have told me how much money I was going to spend?)

Raynham Flea Psychic

For the outdoorsman, there are fishing poles,

Raynham Flea Fishing

and rain slickers (could have used those at the ballpark the other night…)

Raynham Flea Slicker

Wrapping up in Raynham, on to the Cranberry Indoor Flea in Wareham on 3065 Cranberry Highway, Wareham, about 20 min south.

Cranberry Flea Sign

This was more our style, with upper and lower floors filled with rows of glassware,

Cranberry flea dishware

interesting antiques (could someone make a lamp out of this?!?)

cranberry flea scale

vintage jewelry

flea jewelry case

and bric-a-brac (for those of you not familiar with this term, from Wikipedia: “refers to lesser objets d’art forming collections of curios, such as elaborately decorated teacups and small vases, compositions of feathers or wax flowers under glass domes, decorated eggshells, porcelain figurines, painted miniatures or photographs in stand-up frames, and so on.”) Like this little statue of the dancing dude and lady.

cranberrry flea cribbage table

Flags for the Fourth…

cranberry flea flags

There were more than a few $1 tables, which I always enjoy, and loads of vintage furniture, art and accessories to choose from.

cranberry flea hutch

So, between the tag sales and the flea markets, we came away with quite an array of fabulous finds. Here is my “loot shoot” of the day!

flea market loot shoot

Some of these items will be making their way down to the Vintage Thymes Market, some of them are staying home with me ” ) Speaking of the Vintage Thymes, next Friday, August 9, there will be a one day clearance sale!! So if you were looking for something at the market but were hesitant about the price, now’s the time to go back and grab it!! My booth will be 50% off to clear the way for the fall merchandise. TGIF everyone!! Susan

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I love it when something comes across my “in” box that instantly inspires me and gets my creative juices flowing! This morning, I received an email from this company : “Murals Your Way“. If you have ever longed for an instant change of scenery, without all of the packing and moving and traveling, this is your go-to. This company offers wall-sized murals of any type of art and photography you can imagine, including your very own! I love this view of sunrise on the dunes. Makes me want to grab a towel and head down to the ocean.

Mural Beach Sunrise

I started looking at all of the samples, 8000+, and instantly imagined these in my home- I am certain you will find yourself doing the same once you take a look.  Here are a few of my personal favorites (but there are hundreds to choose from, so don’t stop now- click here to go to the website and browse around.)Ever traveled to the Italian Riviera? No, me either. But I could imagine having a cup of espresso sitting on a veranda gazing at this sunset view of Manarola Italy

Mural Manarola Italy

I have never wanted to tag a bridge with graffiti, but I often admire the artwork displayed. You can add a touch of graffiti to your home without breaking any laws with this Home Sweet Home Mural…

Mural Home Sweet Home

Always longed for a view of the Eiffel Tower? Ooh, la, la!! I’ve seen lots of prints, but love this colorful pop art version, because it doesn’t take it too seriously.

Murals Paris

Imagining a trip to outer space? This Solar System 2 would be perfect for a budding astronaut’s room.

Mural Solar System 2

So soft and sweet- perfect for a bedroom or dressing room. Delicate Flowers

Mural Pink Floral Delicate

If you have a barn (like we do) but don’t actually live on a farm (like we don’t), here is your inspiration in Ready or Not

Mural Ready or Not

Imagine waking up to this view every morning? This is the Manitou Lighthouse in Michigan

Mural Manitou Lighthouse

Need an Instant Garden? Add a pop of color with Miami Blooms

Murals Poppy

And, if none of those inspire you, they can create a giant mural from your own photos!

Murals Make Your Own

And if you like the idea, but not sure how a mural would look in your home, this feature will seal the deal. You choose a mural, then you can build a virtual room, deciding on the style and size of the mural that fits with your furniture. Brilliant!

Mural Design A Room

Believe me, this website is a time-stealer like no other. You’ll find yourself transported to another era, another country, another world while browsing all of the photographs. The artwork is so striking and colorful, and Murals Your Way makes it simple to add drama and design to any room! So take a look, then tell me, what’s your favorite?!? Susan

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This past weekend, I scored this beautiful copper coffee pot at an estate sale.

Copper Coffee Pot Before

It even had the cute little card inside, but that did not have any cleaning instructions inside.

Copper Pot Portugal

So once I brought it into the house, I decided to give it a quick wash just to remove the surface dust. Then I thought I might try to polish it up just a bit. Then I decided I liked the polished finish, so I kept cleaning. So first, I tried my trusty Cape Cod Metal Polish, which typically does the job with little effort, and a pleasant scent too.

Copper Cleaner Can

It was working, but that required a lot of elbow grease. So, I pulled out my Mr. Clean Dry Eraser Sponge.

Copper Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

That also worked, but I was still using a lot of elbow grease. And I am all about getting stuff done quickly and not using up all of my energy so that I can’t go tile the front hall or build a table top. So now I had dull coffee pot with shiny spots. My mom suggested salt and lemon juice-nope. So I went online to see if anyone else had come up with a non-elbow-grease solution to clean tarnished copper. Some guy on You Tube had created a magical formula from everyday kitchen items: salt, flour and white vinegar. So because everything you see on the internet is true, and I liked the idea of not using chemicals anyway, I decided to try it. Here is the recipe: Place 1 tsp salt and 3 tsp flour in a small bowl, then slowly add enough white vinegar to make a creamy paste. Looks good enough to eat, right?

Copper Salt and Flour

At first I added too much vinegar and it was watery, so I added another dose of the flour and salt. Bingo! Nice smooth paste, ready to make my copper pot shiny and new. The video said to pat it on the item with a rag-I used a moist sponge, but you get the idea, you want to coat the surface.

Copper Solution Sponged

Then allow it to sit for thirty minutes.

Copper Timer

Then rinse. No rubbing or buffing required!

Copper Rinse

In the video, his copper-clad saucepan came alive with pretty copper color-away old tarnish! In my kitchen sink, this technique was a big FAIL. No difference after I had rinsed, then rubbed, then rinsed again. Hmmm. So now I have a beautiful copper coffee pot that is shiny and bright in the middle of each side, but tarnished all around the bottom and tops.

Copper Pot Half Shined

So, thus far, this is the collection of stuff I have tried.

Copper cleaners

Anyone else have any bright ideas? Susan

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Over the past year, I have researched and blogged about so many topics, including some of my favorite DIY projects like my shutter slat table

Patio Set finished
Reclaimed Shutter Slat Table

and my preppy pin-striped whale coffee table

Whale Table with Eye
Preppy Pin-Striped Whale Table

and scrumptious recipes,

Smores Popcorn Trays
Yummy S’Mores Popcorn!

our travels, both at home

Maine Two Beers Please
Two Beers Please!

and abroad,

village laundry
Village Laundry Dominican Republic

and all kinds of fabulous country-style decorating ideas.

Summer Porch Country Design Home

But I have to say, of all the topics I have blogged about, vintage and flea markets, antique sales and auctions have won this recycled, repurposed, reloved girl’s heart! So, in order to share that love of junk and fabulous finds with all of you, I have created a special new category called Junk ‘n History. It appears in the left hand column of my blog home page. There you will find the links of many of my favorite blog posts featuring not only our fabulous finds at places like The Vintage Bazaar @ Pettengill Farm,

Chicken @ Vintage Bazaar

The Vintage Thymes Monthly Market @ WinSmith Mill Marketplace,

Vintage Thymes

The Elephant’s Trunk in Connecticut,

Flea Jaws

The Brimfield Antiques Show,

Brimfield Crash Test Dummy

and the SOWA Open Market in Boston,

SOWA Market

but also the story behind the story. I like to share where the market originated, who runs the place and what do they offer for the avid flea market junkie. From this day forward, I am making it my mission to find the best (and the worst-remember the hairy guy getting a massage-yuck!) of the flea marketing world. To date, Coach and I have travelled all around Massachusetts, as well as New Hampshire, Maine & Connecticut in search of the best places to find treasures and trinkets, but I am certain we have not even scratched the surface of the flea market world! So now, we need your help! We are hitting the road again in a couple of weeks,

Aqua Thunderbird

and are searching for new places to explore and share with you! This time around, we are heading out by auto, so we are sticking to the Eastern part of the US. If you have a great flea market or antiques co-op in your area, or even a cute little town where there are lots of shops to browse in, drop me an email @, post in the comment section here or on my Twitter or Facebook pages. Your market or auction can be indoors or out, seasonal or year-round, but it must be some sort of medium to large-scale, co-operative effort (we are not looking for local yard sales or single antique shops, for instance). It must have interesting and colorful stuff,

Flea Circus Sutdent Desks
Flea Circus

old and refurbished or freshly dug out of the barn stuff,

Vintage Collection from Repurpose Shop

fun and funny stuff,

Flea Soldier
Elephant Trunk Flea

painted stuff,

Yellow Dot Bear
The Yellow Bear at Brimfield

just plain old stuff

Mill Old Bean Carriage
The Old Bean

or even gilded gold stuff.

Flea Trinkets
Gilded trinkets at The Elephants Trunk

Doesn’t matter, as long as we can shop there, learn a little about the history of the place and share that information with my readers.  And, for all of you who are lusting after the amazing items Coach and I (well, mostly Coach) have dug up at the various sales, shortly we will be introducing his new Etsy page: Junk ‘n History. Here you will find many of his favorite items (well, except the anchor, we can’t ship an anchor…)


available for purchase. So, dear readers, you’re up-start sharing your auctions, fleas and markets now! We will need the name of the place, an address or town and hopefully a website or link to the Facebook or Twitter page for reference. The more the merrier, we just need to know soon so we can chart our path for the upcoming road trip. (thankfully, it’s summer, so this is probably not likely to happen, but you never know…)

snow in lap

And, from this point forward, Fridays will be now known as Fabulous Finds Friday. Whatever we find, we will share with all of you! Have a fabulous Friday everyone! Susan

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