When I was a kid and old enough to realize I actually had a middle name, it was a very long time before I was comfortable sharing it with anyone. Kids are cruel, and the “I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours” game did not set well with me, being the very awkward and shy child that I was.

Susan Eulalie PM

Because, while my friends’ middle names (and why do we have middle names, anyway?) were short and cute, like Ann and Jane and Beth, mine was unheard of, unpronounceable and French, no less! So, I would typically give the hint “It begins with an E” and let the games begin. First of all, there weren’t that many names beginning with “E”- Ellen, Elaine, Emily-kids could guess all day long and NEVER figure it out! Secondly, even if I divulged my middle name, the typical response was “WHAT?!?? no way, you’re making that up, how do you spell it?!” And so it was my well-guarded secret, shared only with my closest allies. But I never told my mother about my childhood angst because I was named after my beautiful and talented maternal godmother, my great-aunt Eulalie. (it’s pronounced you-la-lee).

Lally and John at our WeddingShe was a fashionista before it was a thing, all five foot nothing of her,

Lally, Arthur and Bernadette at Disneyand what she lacked in stature she made up for in spunk and style.

Lally ActressAccording to my mom, when she was a small child in boarding school, the teachers would stand her on the lunch tables and she would sing and dance-a born entertainer!

Child Lally with White BowWhat I remember most about her in my adolescent years was her fabulous spiky red hair, fishnet stockings, mini skirts and thoroughly modern style-even into her 80’s.

Lally & John at homeShe would have been a star in today’s social-media-driven world. Aunt Lally, as we called her, was an amazing musician, playing both piano and organ professionally.

Lally at the pianoAt every family gathering, there was always that moment when Lally sat down at the piano to play some jazz tunes, oftentimes accompanied by her sister Bernadette, a talented opera singer. So many fond memories…

Lally & Bernadette at pianoSo why am I sharing all of this with you now? Well, I would first like to think that I (and my friends-ahem…) are more mature now, and able to appreciate the name for what it is: a beautiful reminder of a wonderful wife and mother

Lally & Donaldwho was a role model for my generation of women-fabulous, talented & sexy.

Lally and Norma PMSecondly, in all of the years that I have carried my middle name, I have never once seen it in print, until recently, when a Google search (we didn’t have Google back when I was a kid. Heck, we didn’t even have blow dryers!) revealed that there is an 1845 poem by Edgar Allen Poe named Eulalie. And amazingly, a very short while ago, I spotted this on a blog that I follow,

Miss Mustard Seed-this is one of her newest milk paint colors:

Eulalie's Sky MMS Milk Paint

What’s so interesting is that this beautiful shade of pale aqua-green milk paint called Eulalie’s Sky is one of my very favorite colors.

MMS Eulalie's Sky sampler

So now I am planning to use this color in some new pieces I am currently working on, leaving my own personal stamp. Last week, I drove out to Worcester to obtain my very first Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in my new favorite color, Eulalie’s Sky!

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint

Now, I am not certain where Miss Mustard Seed happened upon the name Eulalie, or how she chose it as a paint color, but I am so happy to share it-finally-with all of you. And the meaning of my middle name? “Well-Spoken”. So perhaps the legacy my Aunt Eulalie left for me with her name was not her fabulous fashion sense (that’s for sure!) or her incredible musical talent, but the ability to communicate with all of you through the written word. To that end, I am eternally grateful that I was chosen to carry forward the beautiful name Eulalie.  Susan 

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Coach and I did a LOT of picking this weekend and scored many great items for some upcoming markets. Mirrors, and oak bookcases, furniture, rugs, and more mirrors-all amazing!

Rug and MirrorSaturday morning, I was busy doing house sort of stuff, so Coach went off himself, only to call me within a few minutes to tell me that someone was selling cases of paint for $1 per can! So he grabbed the first boxful of colors he thought I might use.

General Finishes Case of Paint

I went back with him later and struck up a convo with the homeowner. Turns out he had owned an unfinished furniture store for years, and had recently closed it down. These were the leftover paints, stains and finishes.

General Finishes Paint Supply

So I grabbed some stains (now, I know Hunter Green is not in style right now, but you never know when it might return to its former backwoods glory)

General Finishes Green Stain

some Milk Paints-can’t wait to try these

General Finishes Milk Paint

and Glazes- so many colors to choose from.

General Finishes Black Glaze

This ought to be fun! But my best yard sale buy of the weekend? This awesome heavy-duty stainless steel rolling kitchen cart!

Paint Cart Cleaned

The guy was asking $10 and Coach asked if he would take $5. He said “sure, quick, just take it before my wife comes back outside-she has an emotional attachment to everything!” LOL!! We all know how that goes! So, I brought it home with the intent of finally organizing all of my paints, stains and finishes into one spot instead of scattered all over my work shop.

Workbench Paints

Before I could use it, though, I spent about 2 hours with many household products including Awesome Orange cleaner, vinegar, baking soda, bleach spray, scrubbing brushes and many kettles of boiling water to clean off layer upon layer of grease-yuck! I am not sure where this thing had been, but I sure as heck didn’t want it in my basement attracting critters! Finally, the finished cart was sparkly and ready to go. I made quick work of filling it with so many cans and bottles and pots of paints and finishes.

Finish Cans

So now its filled with my newest additions

Filled Paint Cart

to go along with my ever-growing collection of Behr paint sample pots I get at Home Depot,

Behr Sample Pots From Home Depot

plus a new paint with some amazing colors

Paint Couture Color Samples

from a company called Paint Couture

Belize Blue Paint Couture

and my first ever Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint (in a very special color, more on that later..).

/Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint

Boy, do I have a lot of work to do in the next couple of weeks! As I try each new product, I will give my unbiased opinion on the overall painting experience. But tonight is game one of the World Series, so paintbrushes away! And Go SOX! Susan

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Gonna Be Alright”. Bob Marley. Shane Victorino. Another epic baseball night at the old ballpark in Boston.

Victorious VictorinoWho knew when this season began that this little band of bearded misfits would turn into the team that would not quit? In honor of this remarkable season, I am sharing a few vintage baseball-inspired images, to which I have added my own little decorating touch. In lieu of growing a beard to show my support,

head shot large BeardI have added this Red Sox/Fenway Park vignette,

Fenway Park Vignette PM

which is now gracing our kitchen, awaiting the start of the World Series-can you believe it!?

Sox Fan Vignette

(Truth be told, these are all pieces that we have collected over the years, that banner is from 1975! But they were packed away last year mid-season in protest of all that was wrong with the 2012 Sox.) I am happy to restore them to their rightful spot for all the world to see. Hey, Wally, welcome back!!

Wally The Green Monster PM

Here are a few other baseball-inspired images that caught my eye this morning while browsing my Ipad as I was watching the replays of last night’s drama. These inspired ideas are a GRAND SLAM in my book!

Mason’s Party by Hostess with the Mostess– lucky Mason!

Photo from Hostess with the Mostess

Baseball Bedroom by Knockoff Decor

Baseball Bedroom From Knock Off Decor

Baseball Mural Bedroom by Theme Rooms Blogspot

Red Sox Room by ThemeRooms

Baseball Wedding by Evoke Blog

Baseball Inspired Wedding by Evoked C Blog

Rustic Brick Wall & Clock-Game Time by Cool Kids Rooms

Baseball Brick Wall and Balls

Vintage Man Cave by Nathan Taylor for Obelisk Home

Man Cave by Nathan Taylor

Combing two of my favorite things! Baseball and Buffalo Plaid by Colorful Living Interiors

Baseball and Buffalo Plaid

And finally, this extraordinary baseball bat wall installation by Intimate Living Interiors

Baseball Bat Wall Installation by Intimate Living Interiors

So, no matter what happens in the coming weeks, we can always celebrate the special moments of this extraordinary Red Sox season.

Koji Celebrating

And remember,

Sign by The Silver Spider Etsy

unless, of course, they are tears of joy. Go Sox!!! Susan

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In the aftermath of the Marathon bombings, I published a blog post featuring this Boston Strong logo that I had pulled from an unknown online source.

Boston Strong Logo

There was no authentication or information regarding the designer or manufacturer. Since that time, I have received a multitude of emails from my readers searching for items with this particular logo-and why not? It has all of the major Boston sports teams, plus the Boston Marathon logo-perfect for any home town fan! I reached out for any potential leads regarding the origins of the logo, including major manufacturers, the BAA and various other organizations, to no avail. So, imagine my amazement when I received a call from a friend who happened upon a vendor last week in Worcester selling those very shirts and sweatshirts!

Boston Strong TShe sent me the info, and I am passing it along to you. The company is Steve’s Wholesale (he does not appear to have a website), the email is stevenbauman22@hotmail.com and his phone number is 508-414-3940. I contacted Steve, and he has provided the following information: He sells the logo tee shirts and sweatshirts in pink and gray from a vendor stand at 500 West Boylston Street in Worcester, MA. He is there Tues through Sat from 10-5 (weather permitting), but he will only be there through the end of October, then again around Thanksgiving and Christmas. He suggests that you call him prior to driving out there to make sure he is actually set up for the day. (I hope he knows what he’s in for…) He donates $5 from the sale of each shirt to the One Fund Boston, and to date he has raised over $4000! Good luck to all of you that have been searching for the shirt-send me a pic of you wearing it and I will post it!
Speaking of the One Fund, another amazing event is about to take place on Saturday, October 19. Along with other members of The Next 26,

Next 26 Marathon Daffodils
Planting Daffodils with The Next 26

and hundreds of other volunteers, we are planting 10,000 daffodils along the Boston Marathon route from Ashland to Boston. In the spring, those blossoming flowers will create a ribbon of yellow along the 26.2 miles as a remembrance of those who lost their lives, and those that struggle on to regain their lives following this tragedy.

Daffodils for Next 26It is not too late to join in! Simply go to The Next 26 website and sign up,

The Next 26 Logothere are carpools in place if you need a ride to Ashland-that is our planting area. It’s a small and simple act-planting springtime bulbs-that will make a major impact in our hometown come Marathon Monday, 2014. Hope to see you all there! And go Sox! Susan

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This past weekend was a whirlwind of events including a surprise birthday fiesta for our beautiful daughter,


followed the next day by a “leftover” enchilada party featuring our favorite legendary local sports heroes,

Illustration by  Larry Johnson
Illustration by
Larry Johnson

followed by yet another birthday party (we do have a lot of family birthdays in October!) PLUS the 4 day  Vintage Thymes Monthly Market-whew! Didn’t leave any time for DIY’ing or blogging, but I am slowly cleaning up the final messes and getting back on the blogging bus. Sort of. This was the actual party bus we hired to move the party to Boston- fun!

Bus Ride to Boston

Today I am featuring this little project, a before and after of a footstool that I picked up in a thrift shop for a couple of bucks. It was very outdated but pretty sturdy, even though the middle was sort of sunken in.

Original Footstool

Here’s the how-I-did-it:  Pulled off the old, tattered dirty fringe, but left the rest intact, since I was just going to cover it anyway. Piled some batting on top of the sunken middle, as I wanted it to have more of a “poof” appearance than a flat top.

Adding Batting to top

I recently heard the name “gout stool” for the first time, which was apparently a term used in the Victorian era regarding footstools for people to rest their feet on while suffering from gout. So I thought that a poufier cushion might be a bit more comfy for any sore feet-this poor guy has two!

Gout Illustration

Cut the top fabric to fit over the new poufy top.

Cutting Top Fabric to Fit

Stapled it all the way around,

Stapling Top Fabric in Place

folding the corners down, but leaving the rest kind of casually creased.

Stapling Top Fabric 1

Measured the height of the bottom fabric- there was already a dividing line in the stool where the seam was, so I just used that. I had already finished off the top edge with a buttonhole stitch on my sewing machine, but  you can just fold it over and press if you don’t have a machine. Measuring Base Height

I glued it around the edges overlapping the floral fabric, then flipped it over and stapled it to the bottom.

Stapling Fabric to Base

Since it just looked like a big lumpy pouf, I decided to add the covered button, with one large stitch that pulled through all the foam and batting into the bottom, which tucked the middle down to create a tufting effect.

Center Covered Button

The feet were just simple cylinders, but they had the nice metal sliders on the bottoms, so I simply painted them.


The easiest way to paint anything mounted on a screw is to stand it up, so I put them into place in their existing corner brackets,  but screwed them in just enough to hold them upright, then added some wax paper to mask the fabric.

Masking with Wax Paper

Painted two coats of Behr Stealth Gray,

Painting Footstool Feet

allowed to dry and then pulled away the wax paper. Before I securely tightened the feet, I glued down a piece of burlap I had handy just to finish the base.

Burlap Base Cover

Added the fringe with a hot glue gun.

New Fringe

This is the finished “gout stool” that co-ordinates with an antique oak chair that I had already recovered with the matching Waverly Fabric. Which creates a lovely fireside vignette.

Footstool and Chair Completed

Both will be available at next month’s Vintage Thymes Market. In the meantime, I think I might use that stool to rest my weary feet while I watch the game today. Go Sox! Susan

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