Oftentimes, Coach will come home with stuff and my first reaction is, “not one more thing-don’t buy anything else!” And I stomp off to go find something to do while I stew about the fact that the barn is no closer to being my workshop than it was six months ago. Because it’s still full of stuff…no matter how much we sell, it never seems to get emptied. So after I get over it, I go back and look at the new stuff that he has brought home…sometimes right away, sometimes a few weeks or months later. Inevitably, I discover some new pieces that I can work with. Such is the project I shall name:

The Vintage Ski Hat Rack On The White Picket Fence With The Stove Burner Wreath. 

Vintage Ski Coat Rack

As with most of the items I refurbish, I have no clue where they came from. All I know is one day they just appear on the porch or the deck or the yard or the basement, where they remain until I decide what to do with them. So here is the story of The Vintage Ski Hat Rack On The White Picket Fence With The Stove Burner Wreath. At the barn last Sunday, one of the other vendors was admiring the skis that we had in our shop. He had recently created a coat rack from a large pair and instructed me on the how-to. So, since I had a white picket fence section (doesn’t everyone?),

Vintage Ski Hat Rack White Picket FenceI decided to mount the skis on the fence to create a functional wall-hanging rack for caps. The skis are on the small side, so I supposed you could hang a kids jacket or two on it as well. Once I mounted the skis to the fence. I added the hooks.

Vintage Ski Hat Rack Hanging HooksBut it just looked so plain, so I decided to add the wreath.

Vintage Ski Hat Rack on Picket Fence by Country Design HomeSince I didn’t have a wreath form handy, I used the next best thing: an old rusty burner grill from a stove top. It’s round, it has little hooks for wrapping stuff around it…why not?

Rusty Stove Burner Grill

So I took some garland and wrapped it around the burner ring and secured with wire.

Wrapping Burner Grill with Greens for wreathThen I made a little garland with some berries and twigs and such and attached it to the bottom of the wreath with wire.

Wreath made from Burner Grill

Then I added a burlap bow to the top.

Burlap Bow for wreath

Then I hung it on the Vintage Ski Hat Rack On The White Picket Fence. 

Vintage Ski Coat Rack

Cute-right?! This will be at the shop at the Holiday Open House in the Barn at Todd Farm this weekend. Hope to see you there! Sue


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As you might know if you regularly follow my blog, Coach and I, along with Lisa from RitaJo’sVintage,  have spent our summer and fall Sundays in the Barn at Todd Farm,

Barn at Todd Farm Postcard

a local antiques and flea market in Rowley, Massachusetts. Lots of 4:30 am Sunday mornings, hanging out with the roosters in dawn’s early light

Todd Farm Antique Truck at Dawnas we sleepily sold our wares to dealers and hipsters and Sunday shoppers searching for bargains and repurposed junque. The Todd Farm Flea Market

Todd Farm Flea Marketis split into two distinct areas: the outdoor fields, where hundreds of dealers spend their Sundays from March to November offering their treasures (at amazingly discounted prices) and the Barn at Todd Farm

Barn At Todd Farm Postcardwhich used to be primarily a junk storage facility, but is now home to various dealers and folks like us

Country Design Home in the Barn At Todd Farmwho love to recycle and refurbish furniture and collectibles. This weekend marks the 1st Annual Holiday Open House inside the Barn at Todd Farm. The barn itself is also split in two: the main barn, where our booth is located in an old dairy stall (sans cows)

Dairy Stall in the Barn at Todd Farmand the beautifully restored rustic annex

Inside the Barn at Todd Farmthat has been completely refurbished from floors to the rafters. The Holiday Open House will take place this Saturday and Sunday from 10-5 in the annex of the barn, featuring local vendors like JWrobel Studio

JWrobel in the Barn at Todd Farmand Special Guest Vendor: The Vintage Bazaar!

The Vintage Bazaar at the Barn At Todd FarmBut the vendors in the main part of the barn will all be there as well! Just wear your flannels because since apparently cows never needed heat, there isn’t any in the main part of the barn (other than our warm greetings, our JOY marquee sign and perhaps some hot spiced cider : )

Joy Rusted Bedspring Marquee SignSo bundle up and head on up to the Barn at Todd Farm Holiday Open House at 275 Main Street in Rowley.  Hope to see you all there! Susan

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For the past couple of weeks, I have been spending lots of time working on Christmasy crafts in preparation for this weekend’s Holiday Open House at the Barn at Todd Farm. (Full details on Friday, but it is going to be fun, I promise : ). This Candy Cane Mason Jar

Candy Cane Mason Jar from Country Design Home
is one that I created last year and it was a big hit. Very simple and quick to make, it only requires a jar, masking tape, red and white paint and whatever holiday embellishments you may have hanging around. Here are the DIY instructions:

1. Clean and dry the mason jar to make sure there is no dirt or dust on the inside or outside.

2. Paint the jars an under color. In this case, these were home made red chalk paint, but you can start with white, since the stripes are the same size.

Candy Cane Mason Jars Painted Red Undercoat

3. Measure around the neck of the jar.

Candy Cane Mason Jar Measuring Neck
This one was 9 inches around the narrow part of the neck, which is where I was going to begin taping.

4. Mark off @ one inch intervals all the way around, depending on the width of the tape, which was one inch.

Candy Cane Mason Jar Measuring masking tape width


If you have different size tape, you need to figure out the math to make the stripes equidistant.

Candy Cane Mason Jar Measuring One Inch Intervals
5. Following those marks, start your tape at the rim and bring it down the jar to the base at an angle, depending on how much of a “swirl” you want to create.

Candy Cane Mason Jar Taped Jars

Make sure that you press the tape down firmly along the edges so you don’t get “bleeding” underneath. “Bleeding” is when the paint sneaks underneath the tape and creates little bits of color where you don’t want it to be.

Candy Cane Mason Jars Pressing Tape Edges
6. This is where you can change your stripes to be as fat or skinny as you would like. Just make sure you start at the top markings so the stripes are the same approximate width. They don’t have to be perfect, just close enough : )

7. Paint inside the taped stripes with the white paint, not too thickly, because you want it to be slightly transparent to allow the candlelight to shine through. On this jar I’m using Chroma Color by Cari Cucksey in a Crisp Linen White.

Candy Cane Mason Jar Painting White StripeThis is not chalk paint, but a very smooth finish latex that can be painted on any surface, then left with a shine or sanded down for a matte finish. One coat is all you need.

8. Allow the paint to dry completely.

9. Peel off the tape, and you are left with a striped candy cane mason jar…but, you’re not done yet! See all those little jaggedey edges? Those are the “bleeding” dots I was talking about. Very bad. They must go.

Candy Cane Mason Jar Tape Removed Striped

10. Take a piece of sandpaper and lightly sand the jar, exposing the raised lettering of the glass and smoothing out any rough areas and dots of paint that my have bled under the tape. The more you sand, the more rustic the jar appears and the more light shines through. Totally personal preference.

Candy Cane Mason Jar Sanding Edges

11. Decorate the neck of the jar. In this case, a bit of jute rope and some jingle bells completes the look.

Candy Cane Mason Jar Jute Rope Jingle Bells Decoration

12. When you light the votive inside the jar, it glows and shows off the mason jar raised glass lettering. The more you sand the more the light shines through. And there you have it, a pretty perfect Candy Cane Mason Jar to decorate your mantel or tabletop and light up your Christmas decor.

Candy Cane Mason Jar from Country Design Home

OK, back to my workshop to finish up for the weekend-I know how Santa’s elves must feel right about now : ) Have a sweet Thursday everyone! Susan

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Yesterday I shared a quick and easy DIY Christmas Tree Skirt that I made for an upcoming Holiday Tree Festival. Once we had signed on to this charity event, it was all hands on deck to find ornaments for our Winter Sports Themed tree. During several shopping trips, my co-workers and I managed to find skating and skiing snowmen,

Ikea Ornament Hack Michaels Skating SnowmanSantas and reindeer at the local big box and craft stores. A trip to Ikea produced a multitude of these silver plastic ornaments,

Ikea Silver ball Ornamentswhich were needed for some shine. But, with thoughts of adding some snowy ornaments to the every-growing pile, I decided to take a few of the silver ornmanents and transform them. With a little fake snow and some glitter, the silver balls became sparkling snowballs

Ikea Ornament Hack Sparklking Snowballsand the long spiky things (not sure what these were supposed to be) were transformed into snow-speckled pine cones.

Ikea Ornament Hacks PineconesHere is the How-I-Did-It:

1. For the pine cones, I sprayed them with some brown metallic spray paint to mimic pine cone colors. Since it was a nice enough day, I was able to spray outside, first one side, then the other.

Ikea Ornament Hack Brown Metallic Spray Paint

2. Dabbed with the fake snow-Snow-Tex by DecoArt, using a stiff paint brush to “pounce” the snow onto the pine cone.

Ikea Ornament Hack Pinecone Painted

3. While the fake snow stuff was still wet, I sprinkled the pine cones with clear glitter,

Ikea Ornament Hack Glitter

then allowed to dry. Repeated with the other side.  Allowed to dry.

Ikea Ornament Hacks Pinecones

1. For the snowballs, I sprayed them with a can of the fake spray snow you use to decorate the corners of your windows.

Ikea Ornament hack Santa Snow

Which looked great, but then I discovered that it doesn’t actually dry to the touch. Fail.

2. So I wiped them off, then dabbed on the same textured snow stuff,

Ikea Ornament Hack Deco-Arts Snow Texstippling with the stiff brush to give the snowball plenty of uneven texture. After all, how many snowballs are perfect, anyway?

Ikea Ornament Hack Stippling Snow on Balls

3. Before they dried, I sprinkled them all over with the same clear glitter, then hung them on a makeshift clothesline in my workshop. And then I repeated the whole process because the clothesline let go and all the balls went bouncing around the room.

Ikea Ornament Hack Snowball Clothesline

Of course… thankfully they were plastic!

4. Here are the snowballs and pine cones on the Winter Sports Themed Christmas Tree we decorated this past Saturday.

Ikea Ornament Hack Winter Sports Theme TreeSo we added a touch of winter wonderland for pennies to tree #1 and saved the shiny silver ornaments for tree #2.  And, now it’s December first, guys! Time to get some shopping and decorating done! I hope your December starts off with some sparkle and shine. Susan


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