…to find one of these little Pyrex “Lucky In Love” bowls at an estate or rummage sale? Well hang on to your lucky little heart if you have! The bidding on this bowl, presently being auctioned on Ebay by Molliec917, is up to $3155.00 with four days remaining!

Lucky in Love Pyrex Bowl on EbayManufactured by the Corning USA company back in 1959, this sweet little Pyrex bowl is the rarest of the rare of the Pyrex Collection. On Sunday, I was alerted to an ongoing Ebay auction for this very bowl, with the bidding that is presently at $3155.00 with 4 days to go until the end of the auction!!

Lucky in Love Pyrex Bowl Ebay AuctionWait, what?!?!? $3000+ for a Pyrex bowl, as cute as it may be, has to be some sort of record. Especially since this particular bowl doesn’t even have its original white glass cover and has, according to the description, some “light scratches.” So, how on earth does a one quart covered bowl become the “holy grail” of Pyrex bowls and the object of such affection and adoration? According to several websites (and there are, by the way, many,  many websites that are solely dedicated to the passion of collecting Pyrex-who knew!?!?), this particular bowl was created as a seasonal promotional pattern back in 1959. But because the green grass bled through the red hearts, it did not meet Corning standards and the style was quickly abandoned and never mass produced. The original prototype sits in the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning NY, but I guess it was only “lucky” back then, because the hearts are missing!

Lucky in Love Pyrex PrototypeWhile searching online for additional Pyrex information, I was amazed, not only at the number of Pyrex-dedicated websites, but also by the prices these vintage little pieces were commanding on Ebay

Ebay Vintage Pyrex Bowl Listingsand Etsy.

Etsy Pyrex Bowl ListingsAt the shop in the Barn at Todd Farm, Lisa (our resident Pyrex guru) has been selling Pyrex pieces at some seriously amazing prices as well. So what’s the deal with Pyrex...why is she the most popular girl at the party…and where did she come from? The history of Pyrex started back in the railroads in the early 1900’s, according to the website Classic Kitchens and More. Corning Glass Works scientists developed train lantern glass that did not shatter when exposed to extremes in heat and cold. From the website:

“In July 1913, a series of events involving Bessie Littleton, the wife of the company’s newest scientist, forced Corning managers to focus their attention on the consumer venture. Apparently, Mrs. Littleton had used a Guernsey brand casserole only twice when it fractured in the oven. Knowing the strength of the glass her husband worked with on a daily basis, she implored him to bring home a substitute from the Corning Glass Works plant. He returned the next evening with the bottoms of two sawed-off battery jars made from low-expansion glasses. Mrs. Littleton cooked a sponge cake in one of the surrogate baking dishes. She noted several remarkable findings:
• The cooking time was shorter
• The cake did not stick to the glass; it was easy to remove with little adhesion
• The cake was unusually uniform
• The flavor of the cake did not remain in the dish after washing
• She could watch the cake bake and know it was done by looking at the underside.”
  From Classic Kitchens and More 

For the following two years, Corning developers worked on perfecting Pyrex, then introduced it to the general public in 1915 when Jordan Marsh in Boston placed the first Pyrex bakeware order and Corning Glass Works Pyrex AdPyrex became a household name. The rest is unbreakable history. So why has Pyrex endured the test of time? Well, first of all, how many of you have Pyrex pieces in your kitchens that have been passed down from generation to generation? It’s highly break and chip-resistant, so it will last long after others have joined the broken glass pile. And, it’s just plain cute. Over the years, the manufacturers of Pyrex have followed design trends and created new colorful patterns and styles consistent with the times.

Pyrex Blue Corning Glass Works Museum

But those mid-century vintage pieces, those are the coveted patterns in aquas and pinks and harvest golds and avocado greens. They are, like so many mid-century artifacts, a reminder of our gentler past and our grandmother’s Sunday dinners created in beautifully patterned mixing bowls.  So, start digging through your china cupboards and see what treasures you may have hidden away! And if you are lucky enough to have the coveted “Lucky In Love” 1959 Pyrex bowl in your possession, then well, you’re lucky enough. Have a great Tuesday everyone…I hope that you’re lucky enough not to be buried in snow the way we are!! xoxo Susan

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Well, it’s finally Friday. Somehow we made it through this week of unending snowfall (with more on the way!), school closings and Super Bowl parades-yay, Patriots! As a way to welcome in February, I’ve teamed up with some generous fellow bloggers from All Bloggers United

All Bloggers United Facebook Group

for a little fun Friday Cash Giveaway called Treat Yo Self!

Treat Yo Self $$$ GiveawayJust enter using the Rafflecoptor form below. So, what can you do with $100?? Well,  you can  just take a winter break…dine out, have a spa day…or perhaps a little retail therapy-just make sure you use it to treat yourself! From now until February 18th, you can enter here to win a $100 Paypal Cash Prize! Just click the Rafflecoptor link below and follow the simple instructions to enter.


Rafflecoptor Giveaway

Thanks to the following All Bloggers United for participating in this giveaway…

In-Between Life . Re-Solve . Ask Away . New York Style of Mind . Country Design Home . Book Delight . Dollar Store Diva . Hodge Podge Moments . Oh So Savannah . Lollies and Lipsticks . Mermade Moments . Coming Up Roses . My Sensational Kid & Me

…and good luck to all of you! Have a great weekend, everyone! xoxo Susan

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Today’s Vintage Sideboard Makeover brought to you by DecoArt’s Americana Paints and the numbers 1 through 7 : )

Americana Sideboard Makeover on Country Design HomeI’m so pleased to announce that I am now a contributing blogger to the Deco Art Blogger Outreach Program!

DecoArt Blogger Outreach ProgramI use their line of Americana chalky paints and finishes quite frequently and am happy to share my latest furniture makeover featuring their great products with you! This vintage sideboard has been in our family room since we purchased it at a second-hand shop a few years back. Every time I walked in the back door, I was greeted by this drab brown large block of wood.

Americana SideBoard BeforeNo matter how I styled the top, the fact was that it was dark and sucked up all the light in the space. I have been on a painting and DIY overdrive since all of the snow started piling up, and I figured it was high time to take this old wood-paneled station wagon and transform it into a bright, shiny red cadillac. Here is the how-to:

1. Cleaned the wood surfaces. The top was not part of the original piece, it was constructed with reclaimed wood, attached and sanded down to a clean blonde wood (but not by me-thanks to whomever did this step for me : ) Which is how has remained until I got inspired. Because the plank wood was quite pretty in its raw state, I knew I did not want to paint it, so decided to wax/stain it instead.

Americana Vintage Sideboard Top Before Unfinished2. So I finished the top with two coats of Americana Crème Wax in Golden Brown, allowing time to dry between the coats, which enhances the color and grain of the wood while providing a beautiful glowing finish.

Americana Creme Wax Golden Brown RagThese waxes are water based, have no odor, are very easy to apply and clean up. You paint on or wipe on with a soft rag,

Vintage Sideboard Wiping on Golden Brown Wax on Topthen wipe off the excess. If it gets too tacky while you are working, you can dampen the rag to soften the wax and smooth the edges. Allow to dry, then buff with a soft cloth.

3. I was on the fence about the wood knobs-whether to replace them or not-when I realized they were screwed and glued into place. Decision made. I taped them and painted around them to keep the wood knobs to match the wood top.

Americana Painted Sideboard Taped Off KnobsFor the doors and drawers, I painted them with two coats of Americana Chalky Paint called Primitive, which is a creamy greige (that’s a gray and beige combined). Using Americana stencils and Chalky Paint called Relic (a deep charcoal gray) per my No-Fail Stenciling Techniques, I added the numbers to the drawers and doors for a touch of whimsy, then sanded the edges and finished with a coat of Americana Clear Creme Wax. 

Americana Vintage Door Panel Antiqued4. I decided to antique the doors’ center panels for a little bit of color and contrast, so I taped them off, then painted with two coats of Americana Serene Blue Chalky Paint.

Americana Painted Sideboard Serene Blue Chalky Paint5. Allowed to dry, then painted with a coat of Americana Crackle Medium. This is a clear finish that you paint on to a sealed or painted surface, then allow to dry. As it dries, it crackles the paint underneath it and antiques it at the same time. If I had the time-lapse option on my camera, I could’ve shared this process. But trust me when I tell you it looks like a science experiment! The thicker you paint it on, the more crackling appears. In this case, I put it on really thick and most of the blue paint actually crackled off.

Americana Vintage Sideboard Door Panel FinishedWhoops. But I was OK with that, as it gave the panels the appearance of old paint that had been worn away by time and use.

6. For the body of the piece, I had decided to paint it an antique red to co-ordinate with the rug that sits directly in front of it. The plan was to paint with two coats, then add the darker wax finish. But, when I started painting the Americana Chalky Paint in Romance Red

Americana Chalky Paint Romance Redover the dark brown finished wood (remember, with these paints you do not need to prep or sand…just paint away!)

Vintage Brown Sideboard Panel BeforeI got a little panicky because it was really, really bright!

Americana Painted Sideboard Romance Red Chalky PaintBUT, then a miracle happened (not unlike that end zone interception with 30 seconds left in the game last night…) it basically antiqued itself! I painted it on, then wiped off the excess with a rag,

Americana Chalky Paint Romance Red Wiping Offessentially staining it red while allowing the brown tone and grain of the wood to show through! The chalky paint acted like a stain, allowing me to leave on as much or little as I preferred to get the perfect shade of antique red. I love it when the unexpected happens…in a good way : ) Had I preferred, I could have painted the entire piece with the two coats of red and then waxed with the darker finish. But this was so much easier! So all it took was one quick coat of paint on the wood, wiping it off, allowing it to dry, then coating with the Americana Clear Crème Wax, which gives the entire piece a bright, glowing finish.

Americana Painted Sideboard Closeup TM7. After I re-affixed the doors back onto the sideboard, I then re-staged it with some of my favorite things. And although much of those are the same, the entire wall takes on a whole new look with this bright, fun Americana Vintage Sideboard Makeover. This sideboard is a very functional piece of furniture in our home, holding a variety of household items like glasses, batteries, candles and more-essentially one large junk drawer…now when Coach asks me where I can find the IPhone chargers and cases, I can direct him to drawer #5!

Americana Sideboard Drawer #5Thanks to Deco-Art for supplying the Americana Chalky Paints and finishes but allowing me to use my own DIY imagination. Hope you all had a Super Sunday, everyone-I know we Pats fans sure did!  Time for some more snow shoveling… but at least we’ll know where to find our winter scarves…behind door #6!! Xoxo Susan


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Pantone Color of the Year 2015 MarsalaEvery year, the company Pantone releases their “Color of the Year“, showcasing one color that will set the trends in home and runway fashion. The 2015 color is Marsala, a deep, rich wine color and “…a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth.” Now don’t get me wrong, I love a rich, dark neutral (and a nice glass of red wine) as much as the next girl, but I am left with a quandary. What if I don’t happen to like Marsala? What if I don’t think it can “enrich my mind, body & soul“, as the ad claims. What if, when I imagine where I could use it in my home I think, “it’s just too dark and somber for my colorful space?” Well, I could turn to Benjamin Moore, who also released their 2015 Color of the Year, Guilford Green,

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2015 Guilford Green“…a stunning silvery green that complements both modern and traditional styles in a seamless manner.”  I am left to wonder why, Ben Moore, why this color? Well, “We chose Guilford Green as our 2015 Color of the Year because it can be the hero or the highlight in any room, enhancing the architectural identity of a space,” said Ellen O’Neill, Creative Director at Benjamin Moore. “Guilford Green is the perfect thread to connect nature, spaces and interiors with color schemes that signify fresh energy and growth.”  And, although Guilford Green is indeed, quite pretty, green is typically not a color I have chosen for my home in the past. So, what’s a decorator to do if we want to follow the trends but are looking for something a little brighter and more colorful? Well, Sherwin Williams has the answer!

Sherwin Williams 2015 Color of the Year Coral ReefIntroducing Coral Reef,…a vivacious hue, is Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year 2015. Upbeat and optimistic, Coral Reef celebrates a time for renewal and is the perfect mélange of pink, orange and red that can be used to liven up any space. Its unexpected versatility brings life to a range of design aesthetics, whether traditional, vintage, cottage or contemporary. Jackie Jordan, Sherwin-Williams director of color marketing.” 

Well, I do like the idea of being upbeat and optimistic in 2015, but I am not certain that painting a room Coral Reef is gonna get me there. Although being buried under snow in the dead of winter in the Northeast, I could use a little bit of tropical happiness in our home.

Snow Barn Country Design HomeSo, what do you make of these colors? Are any of these one that you would paint in your home, either separately or together (there is a color palette there…) When you are looking to design a room, does the thought “I really should check out the color of the year” come into play before you make a choice? For me, it just doesn’t come down to what a manufacturer suggests should be my color, it all comes down to personal preference. I LOVE color, lots of different colors, and my thoughts regarding my favorite color choices change continuously with my mood or the lighting or one swatch of gorgeous fabric that might catch my eye. Now, I can’t turn around and paint over a room (or can I...) every time I spot a new color that I fall in love with and have to paint immediately. Which is why I started posting my favorite “color of the day” on my Country Design Home Facebook page. (not that anyone actually sees my Facebook page anymore…thanks Facebook.)

Thee Velvet Glove Facebook PageEvery morning, as I scroll through my news feed, I am struck by the ever-changing variety of amazing furniture makeovers, like this gorgeous piece from Thee Velvet Glove, using every color of the rainbow. And if that weren’t enough, there are hundreds of new photos of incredible gardens and colorful vintage kitchens and stunning bedrooms every day, making my daily choice of color an easy one. I just choose, like and share whatever strikes me depending on my mood…Just from doing this over the past few weeks, I have discovered two things: I LOVE pinks and blues…this was my choice a couple of days ago…isn’t it gorgeous!?!? From Vintage and Art Blogspot.

Pink Dresser by Vintage and Artand 2. I’m a sucker for a lost little white puppy in the Budweiser Super Bowl ad.

Budweiser Super Bowl Ad Puppy LoveSo what do you think? Do you have your color of the year? And do you love puppies? Have a super Saturday, everyone. Counting down to the big game!! xoxo Susan

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Vintage Rooster Commode Finished TMLately I have been a little obsessed with vintage wallpaper, which I find preferable to work with on my projects rather than printed craft paper. Wallpaper is made from heavier stock which doesn’t tend to tear or buckle, many rolls are pre-pasted and they have a durable finish. Plus, you get a lot of paper on those rolls, which can be a bargain if you can get them cheaply enough.  The grandmother’s cupboard that I featured last week was papered with a vintage check kitchen wallpaper,

Vintage Cupboard Finished Filled with Milk Glassand this week’s Vintage French Toile Commode features a Waverly toile rooster scene wallpaper panel on the door.

Vintage Rooster Commode Wallpapered Door FinishedTrouble is, there aren’t any stores in my area that carry wallpaper in-stock any longer! Wallpaper in general is making a resurgence in home decor, but everything has to be ordered from those little sample books. But that takes days…and when I have that perfect finished piece in my head…I need that paper and I need it now!  The one wallpaper store in my town that had an entire second floor devoted to in-stock wallpaper, literally rows and rows of rolls and rolls…has recently closed : (  So when I started the search for another wallpaper source, I called around all of the paint and decorating shops in my town and the surrounding ones as well. Turns out, it’s not lucrative for shop owners to devote floor space to old wallpaper that they may or may not ever sell.  Until…I happened to be driving past the paint shop in town where I buy all of my Benjamin Moore paints and supplies. I am in there all the time, have looked at their wallpaper books, but never noticed any stacked rolls in the shop. But on a whim I stopped and asked if they did, indeed, have any old rolls hanging around and sure enough…I hit the mother-lode!!

Wallpaper on Furniture In Stock at Stylecraft SupplyThe upstairs room (that clearly is used primarily for storage) was filled with boxes of dusty old rolls of stripes and plaids and toiles and florals…just what I had been searching for. Like a kid in a candy store, I just couldn’t decide on which one to choose, so I bought 5… for $5 per single roll…such a bargain! And then went back a few days later and bought another french toile…but I saw quite a few more that I know I can use somehow…somewhere…sometime…so I’ll definitely be back!

Vintage Wallpaper SelectionThe French inspired yellow commode I finished yesterday while being snowed in was inspired by this Waverly golden yellow toile wallpaper.

French Toile Golden WallpaperThe commode was a dusty, paint-splattered, cracked and dinged old cream-colored painted piece that had seen better days,

Vintage Rooster Commode Beforebut it really just needed a face-lift rather than a full-on makeover. I cleaned it, lightly sanded, repaired and glued the drawers and door, then painted it with two coats of Benjamin Moore Saffron matte finish paint, then dry brushed in a cross pattern with a lighter creamy gold called Putnam Ivory. Dry-brushing just gives the wood color an extra dimension.

Wallpapered Furniture Dry Brushed panelOftentimes when Coach is pickin’ at estate sales, if he sees Ben Moore paint cans for sale he grabs them because he knows that is my paint of choice for our home. These two gallons probably cost a couple of dollars, but well worth the money spent!

Benjamin Moore Matte Finish Putname Ivory and SaffronFor the little door with the large crack in the center panel, I first spackled that to create a smooth bonding surface, then painted over it with the matte paint.

Wallpapered Door BeforeI measured, then cut the toile paper to feature the rooster and chick in the center. This paper was not prepasted, so I used Elmer’s Glue-All to affix it to the door panel.

Wallpapered Funriture Elmer's Glue AllPerfect! Until I went to install the door and realized I had glued the roosters on upside down!

Vintage Rooster Cupboard Wallpaper on Door Upside DownSome wallpapers, like the green check, don’t really have a direction, but these birds would look a little silly standing on their heads in a meadow…So I cut another piece and glued that over the first piece. FAIL.

Vintage Rooster Cupboard Wallpaper Buckled glueApparently paper doesn’t adhere well to paper, and the entire surface buckled. So, I scraped and peeled all of that off

Vintage Rooster Commode Removing Paste from Doorand recut and papered the roosters, this time right side up. A couple of hours of wasted time I’ll never get back…stupid birds. Today’s DIY Tip (I know, you want to take a tip from me, the person who pasted the roosters upside down?!) When you apply wallpaper to furniture or walls, sometimes the paper will bubble up in places and you need to smooth it down to ensure a good bond with the surface. You cannot use a trowel or hard tool because it will scrape and possibly tear the paper. A good trick is to use a roll of painters tape, rolling on its side to smooth out the ripples and bumps. It’s firm enough to allow pressure but won’t harm the surface of the paper.

Wallpaper installation rolling wrinkles with tapeFor the top surface, which I did not dry-brush in the lighter color, I used some of my Americana Paris stencils…

Stencil Secrets Americana Stencils…actually several different ones combined with a cafe and Patisserie theme in the center to create the subtle pattern I was going for,

Vintage Rooster Commode Stenciled French Topthen waxed the entire piece with Americana Creme Wax.

Americana Decor Creme Wax FinishThe wheels on this piece were broken, so I pulled them out and replaced them with modern day leveling slides.

Wallpapered Broken Wheel FeetYou just can’t find those old wheels anymore unless you take them off another piece of furniture or find them on Ebay for a small ransom. The vintage brass hardware was absolutely gorgeous…you just don’t see pieces with this amount of detail…

Wallpapered Furniture Brass Drawer Pull…but one of the drawer pulls was broken…so I replaced it with a similar one from my workshop…the shape is not the same but the style and patina still have that Parisian Flair. So there you have it: a Vintage French Toile Wallpapered Commode.

Vintage Rooster Commode Finished TMThanks to the Blizzard of 2015, and no work yesterday, another furniture restoration complete!  Hope you are having a safe and warm Wednesday, everyone! Susan


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