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After a year in the making, and months of anticipation, this joyful wedding celebration of Jenn and Jeff was unlike any of the others we have attended in this “2012 year of the wedding”.

The ceremony was simple and heartfelt, taking place in the Charlotte Trolley Museum  and officiated by their good friend who was reportedly instrumental in their introduction.

The bride, Jenn, resplendant in a creamy white couture gown, alongside her handsome groom, Jeff

could have easily graced the cover of any glossy bridal mag. (photo via

After vows were exchanged in front of a hundred+ family and friends, we were off to the reception venue: “Roof With A View“. As we approached the historic old mill/converted office building, we were a little unsure about what to expect. But upon entering the office lobby, we were immediately greeted by servers with baskets of mini-muffins and glasses of red and white wine-and then escorted to the elevators to the rooftop venue. The name says it all. Roof With A View. A renovated industrial space with glossy wood floors surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass

and an outdoor balcony with spectacular views overlooking the city and the Carolina Panthers Football Stadium. AMAZING.

The decor, simply autumn-inspired, with creamy linen tablecloths and various centerpieces that included shafts of wheat, pumpkins and gourds and ruby red cranberries was a colorful contrast to the white walls and ceiling of the venue. 

After the introductions and the official first dance as husband and wife, the party was on! Every wedding menu its own special style, this one being elegantly rustic, with a never-ending delicious variety of passed hors d’oeuvres (this was the Tomato Bisque Shooter : )

A scrumptious meal of beef tenderloin, salmon, shrimp and grits, mac ‘n cheese and lobster bisque was served, followed by a yummy dessert table. These little canning jars, tucked inside an antique frame trays, were filled with apple and cherry cobbler. Delish!

In lieu of a traditional wedding cake, a sweet tower of cupcake bites drizzled in chocolate and caramel.

And of course, the bride’s favorite gummy bears (that, as it turns out, are quite delicious soaked in a bath of vodka : )

As the evening wore on and the sun began to set, the venue glowed with thousands of twinkle lights reflected in the glass, and the cityscape turned shades of blues and pinks.

From outside, you could see the dance floor was hopping!  

A few special touches: the photo booth by Fun Mugs – so much fun to be dressed up and silly with all of these props!

A little high-tech wedding share:, where guests were able to text or download their pics from their smartphones. As the night progressed, the pics were posted for all to see and enjoy-brilliant! (Although, I do have to say that the quality of the photos trended downward as the evening wore on. Perhaps something to do with the fabulous top shelf open bar?!?)

A table featuring framed family photos- a loving touch.

This was the city view at nightfall.

A special thanks to our hosts, Kathie and Rich, who invited us to share in this most special occasion and hosted quite a party!

And congrats to Jenn and Jeff, the new bride and groom! Our wishes for a lifetime of great love and great adventure from your own roof with a view. Susan (& Coach)

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Sorry I have missed a few posts this past week! Over the weekend, Coach and I joined many of our closest friends at a destination wedding in Charlotte, North Carolina. What a whirlwind weekend, packed full of partying and fun, as we were treated to not only a spectacular wedding, but also a lovely rehearsal dinner, hosted by the parents of the groom. I have so many photos! Too many for one post, so today I will share the rehearsal dinner, which took place in the Charlotte Trolley Museum.

Upon entering, we were greeted by an authentic antique yellow trolley

a throwback to an era when streetcars were the people movers through the Queen City named after Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

featuring aged leather seats, wooden flooring…

and a vintage conductor’s cap and coat hanging at the ready. “All aboard!”

The decor was autumn- themed, featuring these gorgeous centerpieces

glass vessels filled with flowers, berries and leaves, adding touches of brilliant fall colors.

The dinner? Southern fried chicken, BBQ pork, hush puppies and amazing mac and cheese- all scrumptious southern comfort food. For dessert, luscious pecan bars and these adorable sunflower cupcakes with an M&M ladybug- so cute!

As favors for the guests, these little surprise packages filled with a favorite treat of the bride’s: gummy bears : ) This dinner was such an unexpected treat, oozing that southern hospitality we northerners hear so much about! If this was any indication of the wedding bash to come, we were certainly in for another fab evening! But for that, you’all will have to come back tomorrow : ) Have a great Monday! Susan

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It’s Wanderlust Wednesday, and we are off to..where else…Salem, Massachusetts! The Halloween Capital of the World! For 11 months of the year, Salem is just another beautiful seafaring city along the North Shore of Boston. A favorite year-round tourist destination, Salem features many unique attractions, like Pickering Wharf, filled with boutiques and restaurants

Salem Willows, a beautiful ocean-side park

with an old-fashioned arcade

and the House of Seven Gables– the home of Susanna Ingersoll, cousin to Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Hawthorne’s frequent visits to this home are credited with inspiring the setting and title of his 1851 gothic novel The House of the Seven Gables.

Ah, but come the month of October, the city comes alive with the sights and sounds of Haunted Happenings, Salem’s homage to all things Halloweeny (Click here for all the official event information)

There are costume balls

The Devils Run road race

and thousands of costumed tourists flocking to the city to join in the festivities…

but also to visit and tour the Witch House (the only structure still standing with direct ties to the witch trials of the 1600’s.)

and the Salem Witch Museum where you will learn the true story of the Witch Hysteria of 1692.Salem, of course, is home to the notorious Salem Witch Trials that took place in the 1600’s, when twenty innocent men and women were put to death under suspicion of witchcraft. 

Modern-day witches, such as Laurie Cabot, “The Official Witch of Salem

(as proclaimed by Governor Dukakis in the 1970’s), have fared much better than their ancestral counterparts.  The city itself has embraced its historic heritage and is nicknamed “Witch City”, and hosts a multitude of witch shops that feature all things witchcraft and offer Psychic Readings. Tonight, on Salem Commons, you can join in the Salem Witch’s Samhain Celebration (where you will find the true history, based in Celtic roots, of the holiday we now know as Halloween).

But if you don’t want to brave the post-Sandy weather, and the horrifically haunted crowds tonight, you can visit Invocation Creation, where you will learn more about Psychic Readings and Tarot and the practice of modern-day witchcraft. The information is spell-binding!

Ok, time to get my costume ready for work. I am going as a middle-aged blogger/health-care provider. Can’t get much scarier than that! Have a “spook”tacular (and safe) Halloween!! Susan

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As we sit and wait for the onslaught of the “terrifying megastorm” that is Hurricane Sandy, I can’t help but notice how gray the skies have been for the past day or so. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, gray is “lacking cheer in mood, outlook, brightness, style or color.” But I beg to differ. Gray has so many hues, and since it is a neutral, can be paired with just about any accent color. How many shades of gray can you see in this photo taken in Alaska?

These soft, neutral color pallettes occur naturally on our planet and many talented stylists and designers reflect this look in their spaces, like this bedroom from Architectural Digest,

Or this amazing bath

In this interior by Marco Dellatorre, grays and pinks with a touch of green create a dramatic dining space…

While in my photo, Crystal Lake also has hues of grays and pinks with a touch of green.

And in this photo, pinks and reds pop against a gray pallette.

The changing light in the gathering clouds over Stockholm, Sweden alters the seas from blue to dark gray…The light from the windows will change the gray hues of this space from morning to night

Grays and blue of the irish countryside

Gray with blue hues from Elle Decor

Pastel grays- these are clouds outside my plane window in Hawaii

This room has that same feel with a cloud-like effect on the sofa wall that reflects the light.

You can see how the black lamp posts contrast with the gray blue skies of Paris…

As do these black sconces and frames from

Of course, gray is also the color of stormy skies, so if you are in Sandy’s path, stock up, settle in and be safe everyone! Susan

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This week’s High Five for Friday goes to!

Their mantra: Learn it. Make it. It’s like going to community college night classes in the comfort of your own home-I wish I had thought of this! You know all those awesome hand-crafted items on Pinterest and Esty that you think “gee, how do I make that?!” And you are too busy, too stressed, work full-time, don’t have the tools or the knowledge or someone to show you how to make it happen? Well, this website is for you! It’s a free membership, you sign up and have immediate access to thousands of patterns and professional online how-to videos and information for everything from cake creations and crocheted clothing to decorating your nest. You learn at your pace, on your time, whether you are burning the midnight oil in your PJ’s or hanging out on the back porch on a lazy summer afternoon. They even have an online store where you can purchase the craft items you need for your projects. I have added a couple of my own designs to my Country Pretty page, and will be adding more shortly. (so for any of you out there that want to make a whale table of your very own, check my link soon). So whether you want to create a very special cake…

or crochet a hat (this one’s from Color My World Crochet– so pretty!)

Create a chalkboard sign 

Or antique a table…

…click on the Craftsy logo link above and get crafting!  TGIF everyone!!! Susan

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